Re: Desktop context menus and icons should be Gnome intrinsic, not tied to gmc.

In message <>, Bruce Z. Lysik
<> writes
>>>>>> "J" == James Green <> writes:
>    J> I just don't want to have to run gmc all the time to get
>    J> desktop icons.
>Well you're going to have to run /something/ to do it.  I suppose
>you're alternative would be to create some other program in the
>background just to handle icons and stuff.  

Something tells me the design isn't right for desktop icons. With
Windows, Explorer's ActiveX Controls are used to create the icons, but
this doesn't seem to exist in gnome. Perhaps an independent gmc process
could handle it, or a completely new util which works the same and the
panel, i.e. pretty integral to Gnome as everyone uses it by default.

>Really doesn't seem any different to just run gmc.  Close the file
>manager window and you have... a background process just to handle
>icons and stuff.

Perhaps I am being fussy, but desktop icons sound more like core
functionality of the desktop environment than a sub-process of a file
manager, even though that's kind of how Windows handles it (guess).

James Green

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