Re: Desktop context menus and icons should be Gnome intrinsic, not tied to gmc.

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>+++ Thu, Apr 01, 1999 at 09:28:32PM +0100 +++
>James Green e-mails me. Film at 11. Reply right now, after the break.
>[desktop icons]
>> The average end user isn't going to care; I just don't want to have to
>> run additional apps on top of gnome to get the desktop icons, something
>> I consider paramount to getting Windows users over to Linux desktops.
>...which is not the #1 reason why Gnome exists. Gnome is not only for
>Linux, and Gnome is not only for converted Windows users.

I didn't say it was.

>[desktop icons NOT part of gmc]
>> P.S. I agree to the functionality suggested in the subject header, and
>> IMO it should be in Gnome.
>The way desktop icons are handled by gmc at the moment already looks
>quite satisfactory to me. One may discuss whether it's logical to have
>that functionality in the file manager - I for one think it's OK,
>after all, they're files, aren't they? I can live with the way it's
>done at the moment.

I just don't want to have to run gmc all the time to get desktop icons.

James Green

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