Re: GnomeAnimator widget

    Eckehard> Why not let the animator widget be that additional
    Eckehard> library. Tell it to load its animation from a GIF, MPEG,
    Eckehard> etc. and if you intend to use these images differently,
    Eckehard> just fetch the frames out of it.

In my original idea, this widget was going to be very simple (as it
actually is now), and would delegate such tasks to another library, be
it Imlib or another more animation-oriented library.

I vaguely remember there was some talk about a possible `gnome-media'
library; could this idea be useful here?

In any case, if animated GIF, MPEG, AVI (or whatever) support is
needed, I'd like to help putting it in...  I am not just sure *where*
it should be placed.

    Eckehard> I don't remember (and deleted the original mail), but I
    Eckehard> think the animator API provides this.

It does not yet allow you to extract frames, but just a couple of
additional lines are needed.


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