Bravo for the mess with all the files !!!

First of all, I'm sorry if I'm rude but I think the way GNOME is =
organized is unacceptable and someone should say that officially.

I'm trying to install GNOME for about 24 hours now... << BRAVO for =
following standards in terms of software engineering and installation =
conventions ....>>

Does the words DoD, IEEE1074-830-etc and ISO-etc means something for you =
guys ...

So guess what ??? It is not working ... In fact, using "top" , there is =
a gnome-session witch is running but i can't see it ... and typing =
"gnome-session" produce a lib fault ...

I use to have it from the RedHat 5.1 CD but wanted to upgrade to the new =

I followed "the incorrect" procedures on how to install from FTP... =
(Some suggested files doesn't provide what they are supposed to)=20
How are we suppose to guess the way we should install the gnome-* files =
once we have them ... rpm -i * doesn't work ...=20

After installing the libs files (all of them ...) many packages was =
still saying that they couldn't install because some other dam files =
were missing ....

So, it's not that i want to be rude but what is the magic procedure to =
install the latest version of GNOME on RedHat 5.1 when the previous one =
was deleted. Alto I think it is deleted. It's that the magic procedure =
to do that is still rpm -e --nodeps One-By-One-files.rpm ... Like if i =
had nothing else to do of my days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: All my friends told me to use KDE because gnome was a fucking =
mess... I begin to understand why ...


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