Re: spell checking

On Fri, May 01, 1998 at 01:33:19AM -0600, Tom Tromey wrote:
> Kenneth> A libispell wouldn't be bad idea either... :)
> For something like this, I prefer CORBA.  That way we could substitute
> a different spelling checker if we were so motivated.

I would like to see the CORBAfacilities model used for things like
spellcheckers. Unfortunately OMG doesnt seem to have come up with anything
in the facilities spec yet, so following the "standard" would be impossible.

(IE the spellchecker object implements a complete user interface component,
including the handling of personal dictionaries, word replacement suggestions,
user input, etc)

> Also it's possible to see the spelling checker as just one potential
> service of many that editors (of various sorts: text, word processors,
> html editors, etc) would want to make available.

Similar thoughts here. Does anyone know if OpenDoc is still the OMG standard
for the Compound Document Format? I keep seeing references to Javabeans,
instead, now that OpenDoc seems to have died off. I hope this doesnt mean
having to embed a JVM!

> CORBA would let us do this in a uniform, extensible way.  E.g., we'd
> make a GnomeTextService class from which the spell checker and other
> services would inherit.
> Right now I don't have good examples of other text-editing services.
> So it's possible there's no real need for this.
> Tom

- Dick

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