LaTeX widget?


I just used lyx and didn't get familiar to the presented forntend. I asked
myself if I should reinvent the wheel and start a gnome project with a
easy usable LaTeX front-end. I know there is a wordprocessor project
already, but I haven't found any specs about what they are doing. 

I although asked myself how to implement such a LaTeX front-end.  I
thought of the WordPerfect way of doing this. In one window you will have
the clear Latex source and in another window the compiled LaTeX code is
displayed directly. I don't know if there is a hook in LaTeX to tell
"please render only those lines affected by the newly entered character". 
It was just an idea.  Or a widget wich is capable of displaying LaTeX
output (-> gnomedvi) combined with an editor, good menus and so on ... 

Or jsut give me pointers to the gwp Project. 

I would like to see a wordprocessor based on LaTeX. 


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