Re: gnome & xscreensaver

George wrote:
> I think the screensaver setup should ber redone to allow multiple
> screensavers .. I don't like the way it works now ...

I don't understand what you mean by "multiple screensavers."

There is the xscreensaver daemon, and when the user is idle, it launches
random subprocesses to draw graphics demos.  The number and set of
graphics demos from which it chooses is run-time configurable (via X

What do you think should work differently?

I'd like there to eventually be a GUI that lets you select which hacks
to run and which not to; however, I'm not sure how to do that without
giving up on using the X resource database for this stuff (I think I'd
have to go to a ~/.xscreensaver config file or something.)

> btw ... xscreensaver has this thing that is really bothering me and
> another thing which is not that bad .... sometimes if I press a key just
> when it wants to start a screensaver it flickers the screen and starts
> the hack on the root window erasing my background ... I haven't seen
> this in the v2.20 version that I'm using now ... but when it happens
> it's quite annoying ... 

Yup, that definitely shouldn't happen.  However, it does sound like it
could have been another aspect of the mouse-grabbing bug that I fixed in
version 2.20.  So please let me know if you ever see it again...

> also for some weird reason .. when the julia
> screensaver runs it seems to show the cursor sometimes ...

Hadn't noticed.  I'll look into that.

Jamie Zawinski      about:jwz

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