Re: one question and one proposal

robert havoc pennington <> wrote:
> First the style guide needs some major updating, last time I looked at it
> anyway. I think it was written before most of gnome-libs, and it's all
> just a little too theoretical. When coding, I'd like a nice, practical
> checklist with lots of references to particular Gnome widgets and
> facilities.
maybe a "reference application template" would a good idea. a basic gnome
application that does nothing, but has a window and a menubar and strictly
follows the style guide.
programs without special needs could take the template and start programming
from there, adding their own menu items and filling the big black hole that
the main window is with something useful. others could use parts or throw
away the whole thing and start from scratch, but at least have seen the
style guide "in action".
it would also help to avoid the same basic functions written again and again
and again by anyone who writes a gnome app.

thanks to the proposal about the gnome-gui list, I think we should move
there and occasionally report back here to gather more input from a larger

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