Re: How about maildir support?

On Tue, 09 Jun 1998, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > > Unfortunately RedHat linux still ships with sendmail.
> > I can't see what's so "unfortunate" about that.
> It should be pointed out that many sites run QMail and the argument of
> `it is old and I do not like it' is not really valid withing the Gnome
> framework.   Telling people `reinstall XXX because YYY sucks' is not
> always an option: you might not even have control of the machine where
> you want to run GNOME.
> So basically: your proposal to not support QMail should be ignored.


You appear to be reading more into my comments than what was actually there.
Certainly GNOME mail apps should have support for Maildir boxes as Qmail
is used in increasing numbers of sites on the internet.  All I was commenting
on was the statement that it is unfortunate that Red Hat Software ship sendmail
(instead of, obviously, Qmail).
I did not, and will not, propose that GNOME apps not support Maildir.  That's
just plain silly, and I agree totally that any such proposal should be ignored.
The more mailbox formats that are supported, the better for the person using
the mail tools.

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