Re[1]: Anyone working on suggested gno-tetris?

>>> Tom Tromey <> seems to think that:
>Paul> The serious development which I want to work on is a gnomeified
>Paul> talk utility with a little extra functionality over ytalk
>Paul> (answer machine/panel notification applet/address books etc.).
>Paul> Although I am not really experienced enough to start that yet,
>Paul> please let me know if anyone has done such a thing so I am not
>Paul> wasting valuable developer time.
>There's already a Gnomeified (or at least Gtk; I haven't looked at it,
>since I don't use Talk) port of GNU Talk underway.  I don't know if it
>does everything you're interested in.
  [ ... ]

I did port the main talk application to GTK, then GNOME, but stalled
on the panel/notifier a while back.  My various emacs toys have been
keeping me busy lately as I get ready for Emacs 20.3.

The version of gtalk on my web page uses GTK, but not Gnome.  If
someone is interested in hacking right away, I'll post what I've got
which includes some gnome features.  An xlib implementation of what
the applet would do already exists, the protocol just needs to be
moved to an applet.

Gtalk's web page is:


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