Re: gEdit && Session Management

Alex> ok, the current CVS version of gEdit (yes, before the AnonCVS
Alex> was cut), I implemented SM, so you could save the position of
Alex> the notebook tabs, and [de]activate the statusbar, Evan (my
Alex> co-author) says it doesn't work, but it works on my box... Does
Alex> anyone have any problems with it? (ie, it doesn't work)??

Note that `SM' in the context of Gnome has a specific meaning.  It
means that the program connects to and correctly interacts with the
session manager.

For a Gnome program this generally means it uses the `gnome_client_*'
family of functions.  In this sense, gEdit doesn't appear to implement

Perhaps you meant it in some other sense?  I confess I haven't tried
gEdit; I just grepped through the source a bit.


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