Re: Just some ideas

On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Kenth Christiansen wrote:
> Hi, I just have some ideas for GNOME. First of all I think that we
> should have a central spell checker in gnome + a central adressbook.

These are both good ideas. There is already a spell checker widget that
uses ispell; I don't know if any of the applications have tried it out yet
though. Probably a quick wrapper for the widget similar to ispell in
standalone mode would be a project. I'm coding "gless" right now, and 
I could maybe add this to it. Right now I'm not living up to the motto
"gless is gmore," I should have started with gmore. ;-)

There isn't a central addressbook but I think it's an excellent idea and
not even that difficult to implement, if someone wanted to give it a try. 
Of course you'd want to store lots of info - email, URL, name, address,
phone, etc. Maybe have BBDB compatibility. The one problem is that it'll
be hard to integrate into existing apps like Balsa before CORBA is

Havoc Pennington ====

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