Re: gEdit && Session Management

Yeah, I was the one that originally used the term session management to loosely
describe being able to save the state of the document tab position, and whether
the status bar is showing. Sorry I used the wrong terminology, it won't happen
again:) As for whether the state-saving (not session management :) works or
not, I'd still like to know - possible I've got an old config file lying around
that's messing it up, don't really know - 's not my code..

On 10-Jun-98 Tom Tromey wrote:
> Alex> ok, the current CVS version of gEdit (yes, before the AnonCVS
> Alex> was cut), I implemented SM, so you could save the position of
> Alex> the notebook tabs, and [de]activate the statusbar, Evan (my
> Alex> co-author) says it doesn't work, but it works on my box... Does
> Alex> anyone have any problems with it? (ie, it doesn't work)??
> Note that `SM' in the context of Gnome has a specific meaning.  It
> means that the program connects to and correctly interacts with the
> session manager.
> For a Gnome program this generally means it uses the `gnome_client_*'
> family of functions.  In this sense, gEdit doesn't appear to implement
> SM.
> Perhaps you meant it in some other sense?  I confess I haven't tried
> gEdit; I just grepped through the source a bit.
> Tom
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Evan Lawrence

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