Anyone working on suggested gno-tetris?

> > Here's some other ideas for gnome applications:
> > Games: Nettetris

> So where's the code?

	Did anyone (the original author?) start on this?  I am looking to
learn enough about gtk/GNOME to do some useful development and this seems
a good (and easy!) place to start.  I do want to do something useful
however so if anyone is working on this or has actually finished it then
please let me know.

	The serious development which I want to work on is a gnomeified
talk utility with a little extra functionality over ytalk (answer
machine/panel notification applet/address books etc.).  Although I am not
really experienced enough to start that yet, please let me know if anyone
has done such a thing so I am not wasting valuable developer time.

	Cheers and apologies for the length of the post,

	Paul Jenner

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