Re: XML: status update writes:

> > I've witnessed Lynx development where lot of effort was spent to fix
> > bugs and deficiencies of the WWW library.
> Just for checking, I fetched the latest development code from Lynx
> and I have the feeling that they are using a very old and modified
> version of LibWWW. I didn't checked extensively, but in that case
> this kind of problems are not surprizing. I suggest that you grab
> one of the recent version to make your own opinion about it ("I've
> heard that my neighbour tried to install gnome 0.01 and it's full of
> bugs" :-).

Fair enough.  I'll check the latest libwww before further commenting.

Hrvoje Niksic <> | Student at FER Zagreb, Croatia
Jone's law: The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of
someone to blame it on.

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