Re: XML and GNOME community

Daniel> Moreover one will certainly find quite more XML document in
Daniel> offices desktop than SGML ones ...

Of course, this depends on your office.  We use DocBook here at
Cygnus.  I doubt there's an XML document anywhere on our web sites,
but I know there are DocBook documents around.

Anyway, I thought one of the points of SGML is that you can use tools
to manipulate the documents in automatic ways.  E.g., DocBook->XML
translators are a possibility (or perhaps even easy).

I don't know anything about XML.  But it isn't difficult for me to
imagine that both DocBook and XML have their place, as they probably
address different problems.

My real question is: what would Gnome use XML for?  Talking about
using XML in some generic sense seems weird to me -- I like to hear
specific examples of how it would be useful.


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