Re: XML: status update

> I've witnessed Lynx development where lot of effort was spent to fix
> bugs and deficiencies of the WWW library.

  Just for checking, I fetched the latest development code from Lynx
and I have the feeling that they are using a very old and modified version
of LibWWW. I didn't checked extensively, but in that case this kind of
problems are not surprizing. I suggest that you grab one of the recent
version to make your own opinion about it ("I've heard that my neighbour
tried to install gnome 0.01 and it's full of bugs" :-).
  Your comment about the modularity is somewhat surprizing, libwww is
extremely modular, i.e. most of the features can be added as filters
on top of the basic stack, 

  but this discussion should probably be redirected elsewhere ...


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