Re: XML and GNOME community

    Daniel> I'm ready to send some night coding XML support for the
    Daniel> beloved Gnome desktop :-) As a first step, I would like to
    Daniel> add XML parsing code to Gnome, then the DOM API to
    Daniel> manipulate it, export it via Corba. The next step is to
    Daniel> use this API to subclass one of the editor widgets and add
    Daniel> basic XML support and add support to the html renderer
    Daniel> (which is more complicated, rendering generic XML isn't
    Daniel> trivial one need to add support for CSS or XSL).

Daniel, I think it would be wonderful if you did that: this
implementation plan sounds orthogonal and non-interfering.

I think it could be quite useful in some circumstances, usually those
circumstances in which XML is the right tool :-).  Norman Walsh has
already implemented a "DocBook in XML" DTD, and jade now supports XML.

    Daniel> I have however a big question, does Gnome project accept
    Daniel> contributions which are not under the GPL/LGPL license ?

I'm not online now, so I cannot read the w3c license, but if it's
GPL-compatible then you could just go ahead.

**BUT** we certainly prefer that, and you could tell your bosses that
your code must either be GPL/LGPL-ed or it will have problems (maybe
they would be happy to let you release it under two licenses).

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