Re: XML: status update

>     - An DOM implementation following as closely as possible the spec
>       from the DOM WG:

Does DOM allow for access to partially parsed documents? (eg. for use 
in a www browser that does progressive rendering while the xml stream
is being read).

>  This however lacks an important part of what should be the ideal
>  XML support, i.e. the rendering of such an XML content, either from
>  a browser point of view or for editing. 

That would at least also require XSL support. But in any case, I think
it is important _not_ to mix rendering issues with the parsing/document
access things. 

> One of the persons from the MNmemonic project seems to have started
> doing this kind of things.

I have worked purely on the parser/document access for Mnemonic, not on 
any of the rendering modules. If we want to build a generic XML/XSL
rendering engine for Gnome I'm sure the Mnemonic team can be of help as
well, but it's really something different.

> P.S. I would be interested too in providing a Network access module for
>      HTTP and FTP based on the libWWW code (in the same CVS base).

Mnemonic also contains a fairly well thought out network module, usable
outside of the browser itself. We'd be interested in collaborating on
that project as well.


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