Re: WM Compliance

Todd Graham Lewis <> writes:

> On 8 Jun 1998, Oliver Graf wrote:
> > Yup. Would be great if the main menu-bar of a GNOME app is automatically
> > converted to a WindowMaker Menu. So you could hide the actual menu and use the 
> > wmaker menu. I love this idea. Lets write it. Where should I start...
> Can you guys please keep in mind the debian-menu package, whereby the
> distribution's package management system updates the system menu?  Can

This has nothing to do with menus of applications. We are not talking about
the root, but about the Application specific menu of the app.

> we make the policy decision now that the distribution owns the actual
> contents of the menus, and that the wm and gnome both take the lead from
> the distribution/package-manager?  I personally think that that is the
> right way; the guy installing the packages should be the one updating
> the menus, non?

The application keeps its own menus. So it was, so it will be.

If gimp sets some menu it looks like:
  File -> New
          (more stuff)
  Xtns -> DB Browser
          Screen Shot
          Script Fu -> ...
          Web Browser -> ...

What we think about is to remove this bar from gimp and put it into the
windowmaker appmenu in perfect nextstep style.

Try to run test/test from WindowMaker. This should give you the hint you need.

Hope this helps.


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