Re: WM Compliance

Adam Jacob <> writes:

> > Should we cooperate, should I do it on my own (could not be this hart, just a
> > few hooks in the GNOME menu functions that call the wmaker stuff and set the
> > right atoms)...
> 	I'd love to help, but I'm a very novice C programmer.  Trying to
> learn, though.  Any good book suggestions? (X programming would probably
> be the thing I need most)

I started writing X apps by hacking some apps to be OffiX conform. Only with
man-pages. After this I wrote WMRack, basically by hacking ascd and learning
more stuff. Now I hack BIG apps (XEmacs) to do DnD, because I WANT IT (Dnd of

The X11 manuals are not good. They are basically commented man-pages.

All you need are the man-pages. And use the source, Luke! ;-)


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