Re: WM Compliance

On Mon, Jun 08, 1998 at 09:55:39PM +0200, Oliver Graf wrote:
> wmaker menu. I love this idea. Lets write it. Where should I start...

	Did I ever tell you how cool you are? <grin>

> a) is it already possible to hide the main menu of a gnome app

	I would assume the answer to this is yes.  GTK allows you to
just stop-showing the widget, so that should allow you to make the 
menu "dissapear". (Create the normal menu widget, change it's state to
a "Wmaker" style menu, and viola.)

> b) does the menu of a gnome app ever change (but this should no problem)

	Theoretically, it could.  I dont' know if there is anything in the 
gnome-programming guide that says this is a no-no, but there is no 
reason I know of why it *couldn't* change.

> Should we cooperate, should I do it on my own (could not be this hart, just a
> few hooks in the GNOME menu functions that call the wmaker stuff and set the
> right atoms)...

	I'd love to help, but I'm a very novice C programmer.  Trying to
learn, though.  Any good book suggestions? (X programming would probably
be the thing I need most)


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