Re: WM Compliance

Max <> writes:

> I thought there was plenty of information out there on this topic. A
> GNOME wm should implement the MWM hints. Raster wrote up some stuff
> (with code from E) that is available on the GNOME web site. There is a
> proposal that Marko Macek made re wm hints; there is a link to that
> proposal from the GNOME web site under "proposals." I am currently
> implementing some convenience functions in libgnomeui that allow app
> developers to easily work with these hints, they should be finished in a
> day or two. Not to say that the proposal is complete. There are many

Does this extra function also include the icewm proposal?

> I would be very interested in writing a canonical document describing
> "GNOME awareness" for a wm. Is there anything the WMaker people have
> that would be good for GNOME to take advantage of? I am in particular
> thinking of the window menu stuff. :) I guess I am off to comb through

Yup. Would be great if the main menu-bar of a GNOME app is automatically
converted to a WindowMaker Menu. So you could hide the actual menu and use the 
wmaker menu. I love this idea. Lets write it. Where should I start...

a) is it already possible to hide the main menu of a gnome app
b) does the menu of a gnome app ever change (but this should no problem)

Should we cooperate, should I do it on my own (could not be this hart, just a
few hooks in the GNOME menu functions that call the wmaker stuff and set the
right atoms)...

Currently the DnD stuff of XEmacs seems to run fine (no negative reports ;-)
and so it seems I have some time to do it...


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