WM Compliance

	Hi guys...

	I've been working with the WindowMaker guys in order to
see if we can get Wmaker to be Gnome compliant.  As the
discussion has gone on, we seem to have hit a brick wall
in regards to what exactly it is that makes a WM gnome

	Some say it's simply having the MWM hints enabled,
(Which, btw, thanks to Oliver Graf, WindowMaker now has.)
others say it's also implementing the IceWM hints.

	So... is there a cannon definition of what Gnome requires
of a WM?  

	If there is not, I would like to see if we cannot get
anyone intersted in formulating one together, and actually
build a cannonical document for doing such.

	So, gnome-gods... what say you?


Adam Jacob                  E-Mail: <adam@cybertrails.com>
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Cyber Trails                "Unix is a four letter word...
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