Re: Just some ideas (Kenth Christiansen) writes:

> Hi, I just have some ideas for GNOME. 
Well, everybody has some great ideas.  The point is that these ideas
have to be put into reality by someone and unfortunately talk is

> First of all I think that we
> should have a central spell checker in gnome + a central
> adressbook. Take a look at windows, If you have a windows PC you'll
> normaly have about 5 different adressbooks, and 5 different spell
> checkers, all linked together with different programs. And a lot of
> programs that could really need a spell checker don't have it, because
> they don't have time to develope it. Therefore I think it would be a
> good idea with a central spell checker, that all gnome applications
> can use. Tell me what you think.
Ispell is your friend.
> Here's some other ideas for gnome applications:
> Games: Nettetris, Hearts, pacman
> Properties: Gnome version of Xvidtune (the XFree86 video mode settings
> tool), Joystick setup, font manager
> Other: Floppy formater, Sound Recorder
So where's the code?  I have fantastic ideas as well but can't
contribute code either.  That's why one should rather shut up and
restrict oneself to help in debugging what is getting written in
reality or with constructive criticism.  All else is day dreaming.

                     Your day dreamer colleague, P. *8^)
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