Re: Just some ideas

Paul Seelig wrote:
> (Kenth Christiansen) writes:
> > Hi, I just have some ideas for GNOME.
> >
> Well, everybody has some great ideas.  The point is that these ideas
> have to be put into reality by someone and unfortunately talk is
> cheap.

That was a little harsh, i think.  It's entirely possible that
someone out there on this list would like to contribute code to
the gnome project, but may not be able to come up with a suitable 
project to work on.  Having someone spout out ideas for potential 
developers is probably a good idea.

> > First of all I think that we
> > should have a central spell checker in gnome + a central
> > adressbook. Take a look at windows, If you have a windows PC you'll
> > normaly have about 5 different adressbooks, and 5 different spell
> > checkers, all linked together with different programs. And a lot of
> > programs that could really need a spell checker don't have it, because
> > they don't have time to develope it. Therefore I think it would be a
> > good idea with a central spell checker, that all gnome applications
> > can use. Tell me what you think.
> >
> Ispell is your friend.

Is there a gnomeified version of Ispell?  Is it easily embeddable
by a gnomeified application?  If not, would someone like to code
this one?

> > Here's some other ideas for gnome applications:
> >
> > Games: Nettetris, Hearts, pacman

All cute, and already done.  However, also a good opportunity
to get familiar with Gnome/Gtk/etc. programming.  Anyone game?

> > Properties: Gnome version of Xvidtune (the XFree86 video mode settings
> > tool), Joystick setup, font manager

XVidtune:  IMHO, the current version is appropriate, because 
it only requires a working Xserver, and is not dependent on 
any libraries outside the XXF86 distribution.  

Joystick Setup:  Sounds easy, why not.

Font Manager:  This could be *extremely* useful, as i go to 
reinstall my fonts after my recetn upgrade.

> > Other: Floppy formater, Sound Recorder

Floppy Formatter: can you even buy unformatted floppies anymore? =P

Sound Recorder: look into Audiotechque, the url excapes me.

> So where's the code?  I have fantastic ideas as well but can't
> contribute code either.  That's why one should rather shut up and
> restrict oneself to help in debugging what is getting written in
> reality or with constructive criticism.  All else is day dreaming.

If you are unable to contribute code yourself, perhaps you should 
find someone who can, and ask them if they'd like to try it.  There
are a lot of people out there who would like to contribute in some
way to this movement, be it writing code, debugging, documentation,
or whatever.  They can't contribute if they don't know what gaps 
need their contribution.

>                      Your day dreamer colleague, P. *8^)
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