Re: XML and GNOME community

> >   As a first step, I would like to add XML parsing code to Gnome,
> > then the DOM API to manipulate it, export it via Corba. 
> Ok.  This would be excellent to have.  We should be using XML for
> storing our files.  Having this DOM API written for gnome would be
> extremely nice
 Just one point, XML files are definitely not intended for human consumption
I mean that trying to edit them by hand would be a disaster. Basically
XML would be fine to store internal state, but not for configuration files
where the user may have to modify them. Forgot an ending tag or misspell
it and the whole config file will be lost since XML requires well formed
 However one can still try to use them for config files but in that case
the interface has to be nice enought that nobody has to ever try to edit
them by hand (but the whole history of Windows registries from 3.0 to
NT tend to prove that you always have to edit things manually, so I'm
still not sure it's a good idea).
 Right now I'm trying to learn GTK and your Corba stuff, the gnome-hello
code is fine, but I still didn't found the equivalent for the mico stuff
(or whatever the Corba ORB you plan to use), I searched in
vain, any pointer ?

> The license seems ok to me, but I have mailed richard which knows the
> copyright issues better than I do.



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