Just some ideas

Hi, I just have some ideas for GNOME. First of all I think that we should have a central spell checker in gnome + a central adressbook. Take a look at windows, If you have a windows PC you'll normaly have about 5 different adressbooks, and 5 different spell checkers, all linked together with different programs. And a lot of programs that could really need a spell checker don't have it, because they don't have time to develope it. Therefore I think it would be a good idea with a central spell checker, that all gnome applications can use. Tell me what you think. 

Here's some other ideas for gnome applications:

Games: Nettetris, Hearts, pacman

Properties: Gnome version of Xvidtune (the XFree86 video mode settings tool), Joystick setup, font manager

Other: Floppy formater, Sound Recorder

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