Re: GNOME Database kit

Reklaw wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 05, 1998 at 05:52:53PM -0400, Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> > Adam Keys wrote:
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> >
> > ODBC isn't really propriatary.  It's based on X/Open and ISO standards.
> > It would fit into any application that wanted database access so I guess
> > in that sense it would fit into the gnome scheme of things.
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> I deal with ODBC on a daily basis (in windows). The specs are standard, the
> function calls are standard. And the varing behaviours of servers are standard
>  8^)

That's the downside to ODBC.  "Generic" applications have to jump
through loops in order to use any database functionality whatsoever. 
Different backends have different functionality.

> It takes a lot to write an ODBC app that is fast and can be used with differant servers. Sadly, It was something was not done at my company and we are tied to
> M$SQL.

That's true of any database application, no matter what you are using
for a backend.  ODBC isn't usually the problem, it's pretty



Christopher Blizzard

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