Re: gedit 3.2 (a dream once broken) writes:

> i love how gtk lets you assign key-bindings on the fly. are these saved on
> exit for applications that support it? if so, it'd be great to see that
> supported.
I just hate that one can use the gtk apps only with a mouse.  Having
to reach for the mouse is very disturbing when you are used to keep
your hands on the keyboard most of the time.  I hope that it's on the
todo list of the gtk maintainers to allow using it with keyboard
too. This is still one of the main disadvantages when compared to QT
(although QT's is still not as good as it admittedly is in
MS-WindowsWhatever). I really hope that gtk will become very much
powerful in this regard as well.
                                  Cheers, P. *8^)
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