gedit 3.2

I just downloaded gEdit 0.3.2, and it looks very nice - it is *fast*, which is
a huge plus (especially at launch), and I really like the tabbed interface. A
few questions:

it would be nice to be able to drag a tab out of the main window and have it
become it's own full-size window.

i love how gtk lets you assign key-bindings on the fly. are these saved on
exit for applications that support it? if so, it'd be great to see that

also, i see there's a "Syntax Highlighting" menu item - this would be
*awesome*, especially if it could be done with a small footprint.

oooh, idea: what about unloadable syntax highlighting modules that gnome/gtk
programs could share? i don't know how feasible this is, but it'd be really
nice to have a standard way of putting syntax highlighting into all gnome

and the other thing is that while it'll ask you to save if you close a
modified do, it doesn't appear to check with you when you quit and there are
unsaved docs.

if this is useful, i can beat it around some more and give some more ideas...


Charles Hagenbuch   | | "i love how you can make silly putty        |   mate with itself." - Chris

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