compiling gnome

i have spent about 15 hours yesterday compiling and re-compiling gnome and i
would like for one to hand my experience out to those who might need it and on
the other hand ask for some assistence myself.

gnome still doesn't run. i got it to compile with no errors, but when i start
to run the panel - or any other gnome application - it bombs out with:

** ERROR **: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
IOT trap/Abort

the only two programs that run are electric eyes and gemvt, though the later
doesn't display much in the top line and doesn't exit correctly.

so i'm really lost here with no idea what i'm doing wrong.

for everyone else who is trying to compile gnome - and/or maybe you want to
include this somewhere on the gnome page:

i installed gnome on a vanilla system. i had guile and gettext coming with the
distribution, but other than that i found out (the hard way) that you should
compile things in the following order:

- libgr and libgiff
  take the ones from - imlib seems to be very
  picky about the libs, and those that came with my distribution did not work.
  png and tiff will still not work even with those versions, so you should
  have imagemagick or netpbm to fall back to.

- gtk
  you *need* 0.99.5 or later, even though gnome says 0.99.3 would suffice. it
  doesn't, i have tried.
  also, in 0.99.9 (other versions unknown) there is a bug in the gtk install
  script. it will not install glibconfig.h, it simply forgets about it. just
  copy glibconfig.h where glib.h went by hand.

- imlib
  no idea if only gdk_imlib would suffice. and don't use the MAKE script. you
  will not be able to read possible errors if you do.

- mico
  and mico *does* need egcs. it will compile with gcc, but you'll get problems
  later on with /very/ odd "unresolved references" (L155780 anyone?).

- gnome-libs
- gnome-core
- gnome-objc
- anything else (gnome-admin and gnome-graphics here)

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