Re: problems compiling panel under RH5.0

On Mon, 13 Apr, 1998 at 04:34:33PM +1000, jcm set free these words:
> My systems is as follows:
> RedHat Linux 5.0
> cyrix p166+ processor (I've installed RedHat's cyrix-fixed gcc)
> gcc
> glibc-2.0.7-6
> mico-2.0.5-2            |
> mico-devel-2.0.5-2      |- I installed these after not getting the 
> mico-ir-browser-2.0.5-2 |  panel app to compile for me with my own
>                            compiled version of mico-2.0.5
Where did you get your mico packages?  I think (but am not sure I recall
correctly) that your problems are caused by not building mico with
support for gnome.

RPM Versions of mico from the gnome CVS repository (that work with the rest of
gnome) can be obtained from

Hope this solves your problem,

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