Re: gedit 3.2

On dragging page from the notebook in gedit:

> It is not really that difficult.  You just need to track when the
> mouse leaves the window with the mouse button pressed.  If it leaves
> the window, you just need to remove the page from the notebook, create
> a new toplevel window and do a gtk_widget_reparent.

 Another question is do you want all documents(buffers in emacs
terminology) to be in every gedit window notebook or not? There are
way to many options:

1) Each document present only in one gedit window and always accesible
  via that window notebook. Documents can be dragged from one notebook
  to another. If document dragged to the root window, then new gedit
  window will be created with only that document in its notebook.
  (What if you want to edit file in two windows simultaneously?)

2) Each document present in all gedit windows and notebooks have
  identical list of documents.If document dragged to the root window,
  then new gedit window will be created.

3) VFS inside gedit with open documents and named
   groups(folders/directories) of documents as its nodes. Documents
   can be "moved" or "linked" from one group to another. Notebook is a
   way to navigate through that VFS tree.

4) ....

The question is what is the most convinient, intuitive and
implementable? If editing modes for different types of documents are
planned (another emacs?), then (3) could be the natural choise.


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