Re: An alternative to MDI

Manish Vachharajani <> writes:

>    think the key word in this is "configure" as it wouldn't be 
>    appropriate all the time. Perhaps a single title bar across the top 
>    of the screen that has a back gadget for moving between screens, or a 
>    control gadget that drops a menu down would allow the user to 
>    configure the applications setting.
> Please, no title bars across the top of a page, ever try to use this
> on a large screen? I hate macs because I have to move the mouse huge
> distances to get any menu functionality, especially when I am reading
> from one window while working in another.

I like it, and I plan to hack in support in to GTK for it. Specificly,
I'm trying to mutilate Gimp into talk to Amiwm menus at the
moment. The idea of making an application occupy its own workbench has
stuck me, but I don't see it as really useful.

Peter Bortas         
Idonex AB            

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