Re: Guile apps

Nuno Ferreira <> writes:

>  Well, first I have to tell you that I've never seen a line in Scheme before 
> yestarday but I know quite a bit of Common Lisp so I tought I give it a try
> and from what I've seen Scheme's quite easy to undestand but ...
> How the hell do I make a gnome app? I tried this...

Okay, I still haven't worked with gnome apps, but I have quite some
experience with Scheme and with Guile extensions. In Guile, use

(apropos "gdk")
(apropos "gtk")
(apropos "gnome")

to dump the procedure names you have.

> (define (main)
>    (let ((app (gnome-app-new "Exp" "Exp")))
>         (+ 1 1))) ; Should print 2
> (launch-gnome main)
> but it says  : ERROR: Unbound variable: gnome-app-new

Strange, I just tried. While it didn't quite work (it hang Guile), it
didn't complain about gnome-app-new, either. Did you run gnomeg
(rather than vanilla guile)?

> Also, after I get this working, what do I need to use gtk functions? Maybe
> (use-modules (toolkits gtk))?? 

You will need gtk, of course.

I refuse to use .sig

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