Re: [freeqt] Re: opening Gnome to multiple (windowing) systems

> One of the original goals of Gnome is to let people use whatever
> language they like.  KDE seemed to be aimed at C++ programmers only,
> and we thought this was a mistake; people should be allowed to write
> programs for their environment in whatever language they like.  Right

  Sure. I agree.

> now we have stuff that is written in C, C++, Obj-C, Scheme, Perl, and
> whatnot.

  But all using gtk or a wrapper around it.
> At the time the Gnome project was started, GTK+ looked like a good
> toolkit to use.  The GIMP seemed to be getting good acceptance in the
> free software community, and its toolkit was well designed and it was
> being actively developed, so it was a good option.
> Now for my personal position.
> I know that GTK+ is not perfect.  No other toolkit is, for that
> matter.  I think the issue is pretty much moot at this point, as GTK+
> is a toolkit that you can fix yourself to bring it closer to
> perfection.  And people can use it from several languages; I think
> that is good.

  I agree. Although I might point out there are C and Perl bindings
for Qt.

> As for Gtk-- and wxGTK, I have no problems with people using them.  If
> people feel comfortable programming with them, then let them do it!
> >    Gnome seems unfriendly to a) C++ and b) any other widget set than Gtk.
> >  (or at least a fair number of Gnomers do, which amounts to the same thing)
> I don't know KDE's official position, but following the same line of
> reasoning, it looks to me like you could say that it is unfriendly to
> a) anything not-C++ and b) any other widget set than Qt ;-)

  True. I haven't said KDE is blameless ;)


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