Re: An alternative to MDI


   think the key word in this is "configure" as it wouldn't be 
   appropriate all the time. Perhaps a single title bar across the top 
   of the screen that has a back gadget for moving between screens, or a 
   control gadget that drops a menu down would allow the user to 
   configure the applications setting.

Please, no title bars across the top of a page, ever try to use this
on a large screen? I hate macs because I have to move the mouse huge
distances to get any menu functionality, especially when I am reading
from one window while working in another.

Another thing to bear in mind, MDI apps get confusing if the window
decorations look like the ones for the window manager you are using.
I was using a VLSI cad tool whose internal windows looked just like
the WM's.  It was always impossible to tell what was a top level
window and what was in the MDI, you go to move the MDI stuff out of
the way and so goes the edit window you though was at top level.  The
reason MDI works in windows is because everything is click to focus
and raise.  

Manish Vachharajani 		            <>
Rutgers University	
Telecommunications Division   
Systems Programmer

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