Re: A try at GNOME MDI

>>  _______________________________________
>> | GnoWord                               |
>> |_______________________________________|
>> | ________    ________    _________     |
>> |/Doc1.doc\__/Program1\__/Cat&Moose\___ |
>> ||            ---------  -----------   ||
>> ||        There comes a time...        ||
>> ||                                     ||
>> ||_____________________________________||
>> |_______________________________________|

What is the relation among a doc file, a program and a cat&mouse? and why
should they appear under GnoWord?
I thought that MDI was about doc with images and text (for example), where
you need to have the Gimp tools plus the GnoWord tools, or a way to link all
Gimp windows. But maybe my thoughs were wrong.

>This looks like a great idea. I definitely think we need something like
>MDI, no matter how bad some people dislike it (I don't think it's too
>great myself). The main problem of X-applications (apart from the general
>lack of them so far ;) is that they tend to generate dozens of windows. This

Yeah, lots of windows (and the fvwm95 bar becomes crowded). But the tab
solutions will look poor with Gimp and all its subwindows, for example.

Why not (I think it was proposed before, or maybe not) a way to allow parent
children relations (swarm: queen and working bees?)?

You minimize the parent, and all children do the same. You maxime, and all
children return to the preminimize status (minimized or normal). You move
the parent, and all children move the same amount. You move a children, and
only that windows moves. And removable menus/icon bars be considered as
normal windows (childrens of a parent, so same rules apply).

Just like when I close Gimp (all children windows close too), but extended
to all window operations (resize? no, global resize will not look good, IMO).

In Windoze and Mac, it is easy, cos all subwindows go inside the parent.
In X, well, if you use desktops, you can work fine too, but you must start
from the begining, and corrections are painfull.

A question: are we mixing with WM tasks? Or WM as no relation here?

>doesn't do much good to the idea of multitasking, because eventually you're
>still working with only one app at a time (try to have Gimp, Netscape, and
>an X irc client open at the same time, you won't be able to follow the
>discussion while doing your image manipulation without moving some windows

1 CPU <-> 1 brain
Multitasking OS <-> mono task human?
Kids, you need more mentat training.

And now serious, while I apply (correction, Gimp applies) a Gaussian blur, I
can talk on IRC, or search more RPM with FTPSearch to upgrade my system.
You do not need to pay attention to everything; to say the truth, I have not
seen a computer faster than I can be, computers are always redrawing pics,
calculating things (hehehe POVRay), transfering to/from HD, or doing stupid
icon animations (Windoze)... maybe out there a fast machine with a tuned OS
exists, but I have not seen it. And speaking of networks, networks are
slower (most of the times) than computers.
I can manage some browser windows, or some irc channels at the same time,
maybe my brain have mutated, maybe I learn to multitask (when phone bill
rules, body can do rare things).

>Haven't seen Handleboxes (never even got as far as compiling everything),
>so I can't comment on those. 

Me either. Anybody want to do some (fake) screen captures?


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