Re: A try at GNOME MDI

Tom Tromey wrote:

> That doesn't mean I'm against programs using it.  It does mean that
> I'd like to have the option of turning it off globally.  I would never
> want to use a program that is MDI-only.
That sounds reasonable to me. I like configurability...

> Would it be possible to write the code so that if MDI is turned off
> then the sub-windows become independent toplevels?
I guess it WOULD be possible, after all, your computer is (except for
the limited memory) a Turing Machine equivalent ;). The question is

> This isn't necessarily trivial since you have to decide how to handle
> the top-level menu.  Perhaps this could be done by integrating with
> the gnome-app code; the idea being that each "internal toplevel" would
> have its own menu, and then in MDI mode the enclosing menubar would be
> constructed by merging all the other menus.
I was thinking more of MDI children adding their menus to the main app
menubar when they receive focus and removing them when they lose it. I
guess that in non-MDI mode each top level window menubar would have to
contain the global menus and its own specific menus.

I guess the feedback shows that there is little interest in the widgets,
so I'll probably put them on hold and get into something more useful.




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