Re: Git mirror of a bzr tree

On 05/20/2011 07:01 AM, Olav Vitters wrote:
On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 12:56:36PM +0200, Olav Vitters wrote:
that's actually what 'Core' is about. So I think our expectations of
GNOME Core differ.
PS: I think deja dup being in Apps is currently a success. We have
something which wouldn't be accepted during 2.x, now in the 3.x
moduledulesets thanks to the Apps distinction.

Your proposal implied to me that you wanted to more everything over.
It is not, so bit confusing for me and needs thought/discussion so there
can be a clear policy.

Well, I proposed it as a Feature. It wasn't clear to me at the time that that would imply being Core and moving infrastructure.

But regardless of whichever label it ends up with, I want to lower barriers to participation. Hence the git mirror request (about which, more below).

 It's more about translators being able to commit things, random
 developers wanting to commit stuff (after approval, or just commit in
 case of a build fix), etc. There is also some integration regarding doap
 files and whatnot.

There are at least three distinct use cases here:

1) GNOME dev wants to test/build DD.  Jhbuild with bzr works fine here.

2) GNOME dev wants to create a patch for DD. A git mirror might help here, since that dev would be able to use 'commit', 'format-patch', and such. Not sure if that's worth a git mirror if it's difficult, but that extra ease was what I was going for. That dev would still need to use LP to pass the patch along to me.

3) GNOME dev/translator wants to commit directly to DD. As I've discussed elsewhere, I think there are technical paths to make this easier without actually being on GNOME infrastructure (have trunk be owned by a ~gnome-dev team in LP that is maybe automatically sync'd with GNOME infrastructure, additionally have the GNOME translation team in LP own translations). But that hasn't taken off and is probably a discussion for d-d-l anyway. But you're right that a mirror wouldn't help there.


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