Re: Git mirror of a bzr tree

On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 01:26:44PM -0400, Michael Terry wrote:
> Hello!  I'm interested in creating a (read-only) git mirror of Deja
> Dup's bzr trunk which lives on Launchpad.  This will make it easier
> for GNOME developers to play with it.

I don't think you need to set it up actually.

Bzr vs git doesn't make much of a difference if people want to play with
it. We already have the Launchpad dejadup in jhbuild and that's in the
GNOME apps 3.0 and 3.2 moduleset.

So building dejadup is a not issue.

It's more about translators being able to commit things, random
developers wanting to commit stuff (after approval, or just commit in
case of a build fix), etc. There is also some integration regarding doap
files and whatnot.

As this is not d-d-l I'll expand a bit more on _my_ deja dup

GNOME App: Perfectly fine not using GNOME infrastructure. Though we'd
still need tarballs on

GNOME Core: You proposed it for this, but the definition is that this is
something than the 'GNOME session' cannot run without. So that would be
gnome-settings-daemon and so on.
Moving deja dup from Apps to Core means we need to figure out if it
really is a mandatory 'GNOME session' requirement or not.
I think the 'Core' definition is causing some confusion. IIRC I think
you mentioned that it appeared we're trying to 'take over' dejadup'. But
that's actually what 'Core' is about. So I think our expectations of
GNOME Core differ.
If it doesn't make sense to fully require 'backup' (and thus dejadup) as
in every GNOME session, then it doesn't need to be in 'Core'.
I don't think (guessing here) we (release-team) want too much in Core if
it could also fit in Apps. Though some stuff is difficult (Gedit).

'Core' is more restricted regarding the GNOME requirements (at the

'Apps' is not, that's also totally new.

But being in apps doesn't mean you cannot integrate really well with
GNOME core.

The Core/Apps split intention is to:
1) allow non-'GNOME' stuff (e.g. less needs/requirements/restrictions)
2) tighter integration to what is really needed, but only for stuff that
is really required

> Has GNOME done this before?  Is it difficult in terms of maintenance
> (i.e. would it break down and need to be poked ever)?

Never with Git, only Bzr and SVN during the SVN days. My Git knowledge
is low.


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