[Bug 650662] Need to renew mails + automatic subscription to foundation-list/announce mailing lists is badly broken

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--- Comment #3 from Tobias Mueller <gnome-bugs auftrags-killer org> 2011-05-20 19:50:18 UTC ---
The mailing was done by a script from Baris. Apparently, it doesn't work
anymore. It used to write its output to
/home/users/bcicek/public_html/renewal.log. I have reimplented the script in
Python and I will run the cronjob from July. Feel free to remind me. The script
will hit the foundation-web git module soon unless I get told a better place to
store it.

As for the subscription: I have the feeling that exporting a list of members
every other month and bulk subscribe them on foundation-announce is the most
pragmatic solution. However, we ask the people to subscribe to
foundation-announce, once they obtain a (renewed) membership, don't we? In that
case, I don't think we necessarily need to actively subscribe them. Imagine
somebody that did not subscribe or did unsubscribe on purpose. I consider
forcefully subscribing that person to be rude.

Hence: Let's check whether we ask the people which obtained a membership. If
so, let's do nothing. If we don't, let's do it.

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