Re: R-T doesn't care about i18n? (was: Problem with committing to gnome-screensaver)

Il giorno mer, 11/02/2009 alle 09.44 -0500, William Jon McCann ha

> When we move to git immediately after 2.26.0 I trust that everyone
> will be informed and ready to tackle the workflow changes that result.
>  I suggest that instead of continuing this conversation we focus on
> making sure we're ready.

William, sorry if this could appear a blackmail, but IMHO this plan of
you is very un-polite for all GNOME community, so I think if you will
move gnome-screensaver to git *before* the DVCS decision (if I'm right
by now git is only an option, not the final choice) I'll ask to remove
it from the list of GNOME Desktop modules.

In the past years we have hard worked in order to have *all* *official*
GNOME Desktop & Platform modules stored on the same repository (see for
example mousetweaks or hamster-applet), not only for translators' sake,
but for entire GNOME community.

Do you like git? OK, *by now* it's a *your* choice, not a *community*
choice. Start to develop on a separate, private git tree and frequently
update the official module on svn, like the empathy team is currently

Respectfully[1] , Luca.

[1] but little shocked for recent "I'm myself and I don't care about
GNOME community rules" events :(

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