R-T doesn't care about i18n? (was: Problem with committing to gnome-screensaver)


I found it quite shocking to hear a statement like this from a member of the
release team:

2009-02-11 klockan 02:19 skrev Matthias Clasen:
> Clearly, $maintainer can do whatever he wants with $project. Its his code,
> and he is the maintainer. If that means translators have a some
> difficulties,  and $project may be less perfectly translated than it used
> to, thats unfortunate.

It almost looks like you don't seem to care about i18n at all. Gnome is for
all people, and not all people speak English. i18n has always been a strong
focus of the Gnome project, and I hope this will stay the same in the

That said, I'd like to see these questions answered:

1. Did you speak for yourself, or did you speak on behalf of the release
   team when you were making this totally objectionable statement?

2. What do other release team members think about this? Is this the new
   policy? If so, who decided this? Is this documented somewhere?

I hereby invite other release team members to share their opinion in this

    — Wouter

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