Re: R-T doesn't care about i18n? (was: Problem with committing to gnome-screensaver)


On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 6:49 AM, Wouter Bolsterlee <wbolster gnome org> wrote:
> Matthias,
> I found it quite shocking to hear a statement like this from a member of the
> release team:
> 2009-02-11 klockan 02:19 skrev Matthias Clasen:
>> Clearly, $maintainer can do whatever he wants with $project. Its his code,
>> and he is the maintainer. If that means translators have a some
>> difficulties,  and $project may be less perfectly translated than it used
>> to, thats unfortunate.
> It almost looks like you don't seem to care about i18n at all. Gnome is for
> all people, and not all people speak English. i18n has always been a strong
> focus of the Gnome project, and I hope this will stay the same in the
> future.
> That said, I'd like to see these questions answered:
> 1. Did you speak for yourself, or did you speak on behalf of the release
>   team when you were making this totally objectionable statement?
> 2. What do other release team members think about this? Is this the new
>   policy? If so, who decided this? Is this documented somewhere?
> I hereby invite other release team members to share their opinion in this
> thread.

I don't think there is any need to get hysterical.  It seems to me
that what Matthias says is true.  I am free to do (almost) anything I
want with my project.  However, because of the beauty of our license -
so are you!  Some reasons that I agreed to move gnome-screensaver to
git included: translators would still have ssh access to commit, there
was already a git guide for translators on the wiki/web.  However,
after I was told that translators weren't prepared to make this
adjustment and faced with the prospect of doing more work to manually
merge translations into git myself, I agreed to move back to svn.

When we move to git immediately after 2.26.0 I trust that everyone
will be informed and ready to tackle the workflow changes that result.
 I suggest that instead of continuing this conversation we focus on
making sure we're ready.


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