Re: R-T doesn't care about i18n? (was: Problem with committing to gnome-screensaver)

Am Mittwoch, den 11.02.2009, 12:49 +0100 schrieb Wouter Bolsterlee:
> That said, I'd like to see these questions answered:
> 1. Did you speak for yourself, or did you speak on behalf of the release
>    team when you were making this totally objectionable statement?
> 2. What do other release team members think about this? Is this the new
>    policy? If so, who decided this? Is this documented somewhere?

This is currently not the position of the entire release-team (though
the "This" is a very interpretable term here, and I do use the word
"currently" by purpose).
A workflow for translators should be defined and documented before core
GNOME modules with translatable strings move to any potential new vcs
system, but this has been internally discussed already...

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