Re: Setting up link between SVN commits and progress.g.o

Hi Olav,

Yesterday at 23:37, Olav Vitters wrote:

> I've looked into this, and the only difficult part is determining the
> branch. It seems that the /trunk + /branches/$SOMENAME structure is not
> a requirement. A module can have any layout.

Well, we can make it simpler by doing a full module update, but that
means updates on all of its branch which progress.g.o provides stats
for.  That should be only slightly slower (sincce POT wouldn't change,
no other updates except "svn up" and "intltool-update -m" would be

So maybe running a full update simply like:

  (cd /var/www/damned-lies && python MODULE)

> So my idea is to make a best effort to determine either if it is trunk
> or some branch. When that fails, the only option is to pass "" to the
> script.

Yes, that probably makes the most sense.  For the record, the branch
name for 'trunk' should be HEAD (relic of the CVS support from the
past :).  If needed, I can make it support 'trunk' as well.

> Also wondered if someone could commit to e.g. /trunk and
> /branch/something at the same time. Because ideally I'd only have the
> script look at the first directory to make its branch/trunk decision.

I don't know.  I guess they could, but I can't imagine this being very
common, but since Damned Lies is based on incremental updates, "not
very common" is not good enough.

So we should simply leave a once-a-day cronjob to catch those cases


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