Re: Setting up link between SVN commits and progress.g.o

Danilo Šegan wrote:
> Hi Ross,
> I'd like to set-up a link between SVN commits and progress.g.o.
> Basically, for any commit in module MODULE branch BRANCH, I'd like to run
>   cd /var/www/damned-lies && python MODULE BRANCH
> I'll probably need to add a queue later on, but for initial stuff,
> this will do.

We could base this on the po-file pre-commit msgfmt check, but make it a
generic post-commit hook that, for po file changes, sends a mail to
'gnomeweb progress gnome org' (the user that owns /var/www/damned-lies)
with a subject that gnomeweb's procmail can identify and run a script
on. This script would just parse REPO and REV out of the message and
pass it to Much like the website auto-update stuff.

> If we have to parse svn-commits-list for this, then I'll need an
> email subscribed to it and available on

This'd work too, but'd be a bit more hackish.


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