Re: Fwd: Subversion migration schedule (cut-off Fri 18 Mar)

My experience has been that the XMLRPC is just as reliable, but far
more verbose, I would recommend it. It also means less worries about
mail slowdowns at

My $0.02

-Kevin Kubasik
On 2/15/06, Ross Golder <ross golder org> wrote:
> เมื่อ พ. 2006-02-15 เวลา 08:53 -0500, Kevin Kubasik เขียนว่า:
> > A thought, what are plans for CIA project stats support? There are
> > Subversion scripts[1] so that's no big, but in order to keep all
> > existing project stats, do you think we should give them a ping and
> > coordinate to some extent? Its not an essential service, but I know I
> > use it (namely its RSS feeds) to keep from updating continuously while
> > waiting for a commit.
> >
> > *1
> >
> > -Kevin Kubasik
> >
> Good point. By the look of it, this is should be easy enough - we just
> add their hook script to the end of the post-commit for each of the
> repositories. Anyone provide any advice on which of the scripts is best,
> or should I just try the XMLRPC one out?
> It doesn't look any co-ordination with them will be necessary - if I
> understand it right, we just pump commit notifications at them. However,
> if you think it's worth it, feel free to drop them a note to tell them
> to e-mail this list if they've got any questions or requests.
> --
> Ross

Kevin Kubasik

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